Holly Moore:
I am really proud
that I am a female founder

Holly Moore - founder of Make Events

On International Women’s Day, I celebrate all women and all the men and women that support them to be able to be their best.

I set up Make Events from my dining room table in 2012; we set up House of Make our HQ in 2018 which is an experiential space that tells the story of our brand; we set up our sister company HM events in 2020 for the private market and this year we will set up the Anything is Possible brand.

I never used to think too much about being a woman in business when I initially founded Make Events. I set up 9 years ago with no borrowing, investment and business partner; but as time has gone on I am really proud that I am a female founder, and I haven’t had to rely on anyone else.

I now see the positive role model it provides for women in and out of my industry. I didn’t intend to have that impact but really glad I do. When I hear that someone has been inspired to do something because of my story there is no better feeling.

Building a brand and a business is hard work; often you don’t end up doing a lot of the things you originally enjoyed ‐ running an events agency isn’t just about producing events. However, as time goes on that is for your team to enjoy and you continue to grow a business that provides for your team and take on a different role.

"Follow your passion, be brave enough, be unapologetically you and always be kind"

This year, more than any other, I am proud to be a woman.

I have lived pretty much on my own through the last 12 months navigating my business through these choppy waters in one of the most decimated industries and I am proud of how strong I have been. We continue to have no investment or debt despite monthly losses. I have built a strong and safe business and I am proud of that.

I find so much inspiration from other female and male entrepreneurs and immerse myself in personal development, podcasts, reading and writing. I am part of Event Goal Getters and work with Event Profs Live and they give me inspiration for my industry and continually keep my passion alive.

The best advice I could give to you, stay in your own lane, don’t look at what the other person is doing – run your own race. Follow your passion, be brave enough be unapologetically you and always be kind.

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