Write to your MP! Email tool helps eventprofs keep up pressure

Event professionals are being urged to contact their MP to let them know how the treatment of organised meetings and events in the current coronavirus guidelines is affecting their businesses and livelihoods.

Business Visits and Events Partnership chair Simon Hughes said it was incumbent on everyone working in events to tell their story – and that writing to MPs should be “at the top of your to-do list”.

To enable the industry to do this easily and effectively, Hire Space has created an email template for event professionals to contact their MP. The process takes around three minutes.

Hire Space co-founder Ed Poland said: “In response to direct calls from the BVEP for event professionals to urgently contact their MPs, we have created an easy way for them to action this. Using this page, people can click and send very easily.

“The email is drafted for them, they simply need to add one line about why the events industry matters to them, and then it’ll send to their MP. The whole process takes around three minutes.

“We are hoping this will lead to many hundreds of emails landing in MPs inboxes in the coming days and weeks, and making it impossible for them to ignore our sector.”

In a blog post, BVEP chair Simon Hughes outlined the importance of writing to MPs.

He said: “The BVEP is now being contacted on a very regular basis by partners, businesses and individuals desperate for help or information about how to access support.

“We’ve all tried writing letters to the various government departments that we have to thread our way through to try and ensure that the right level of support is provided. Yet there are still anomalies, gaps and blocks that are causing both immense frustration and real hardship.

“So what has the petition in Parliament got to do with all this? It offers all of us working in UK events an excuse to contact our local MP this week and to seek their support for extending support to our industry.

“The BVEP has got all the facts and figures to make a compelling story – but it’s incumbent on each and every one of us working in events to tell our story too. Put this at the top of your to-do list and make sure we go as large as possible by going local.”

Hire Space has also launched a government petition to get the Covid-19 guidance updated to allow for organised meetings and events to be held under equivalent safety guidelines as those published for pubs, restaurants and bars.

The text accompanying the petition says: “Currently, a significant number of people are allowed to eat and drink together inside pubs, restaurants & bars. We believe that organised meetings and events of the same scale, with the same Covid-19 safety measures, should also be allowed to be held.

“Arbitrarily banning meetings and events for a prolonged period of time will lead to 100,000s of job losses across the £70bn meetings and events industry, and cause the decimation of a supply chain which will leave the UK at a strategic disadvantage for many years.”