Wildgoose aims to reduce team building costs with new tech solution

Technology-led event company Wildgoose has announced the launch of a new team building booking platform which aims to enable in-house planners at venues and hotels, as well as end-users, to book activities directly.

The new platform is directly accessible to users via a Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure that will allow end-users to book tech-driven team building actives in three steps at a lower cost than if users were to book the conventional way.  The SaaS platform works via a subscription to the software which is hosted by Wildgoose.

The new platform is the product of four recent hires at Wildgoose and follows a year on year growth of 92 per cent in global licensing revenues.

Jonny Edser, founder and managing director of Wildgoose said: “We know that there is a big demand for team activities for clients who are having a meeting, but that most hotel and venue sales teams find team building confusing. There is so much choice and so many things to consider which often means that it is avoided.”

While taking the legwork out of organising team building activates for hotel or venue staff, the new platform also offers hotels and venues an incentive when clients use the software.

“Our product provides a simple and scalable solution which every hotel and venue globally can benefit from, and our new platform solves many issues in one go – it removes the involvement of the hotel or venue sales team because clients are directed to a unique booking page; it earns the hotel or venue a minimum of 30 per cent commission, and the automation of the process allows us to bring the cost down for the end client by up to 50 per cent,” Edser added.

“This means that the client can reduce the cost of their event, or divert more of their budget to other elements, providing a win-win for all parties. SaaS solutions have revolutionised so many other industries, and we believe this is going to change how people book and enjoy team building solutions.”