‘We can’t lose this momentum’ says The Bulb founder Selina Donald

Selina Donald

The Bulb, a sustainable event consultancy, has released a guide to help event organisers navigate the ‘new normal’ and ensure the progress made in creating a sustainable industry, isn’t lost. 

“The pandemic has changed the way we plan and deliver events for the foreseeable future. As we look towards the start of live events and find ways to rebuild and recover, we can guarantee that PPE will be crucial,” The Bulb founder Selina Donald said.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a greater need for PPE, resulting in a rise of plastic pollution.

“The demand for single-use PPE, disposable wipes, gloves and masks, cleaning agents and hand sanitiser is at a record high, with over a billion items used in the UK alone between February and April this year, leading to a detrimental effect on the environment.”

However, Donald pointed out that before Covid-19, the events industry, which remains the fifth biggest polluter in the world, had come a long way in implementing sustainable practices to create a greener industry.

“We can’t lose this momentum as well as our responsibility to the Planet, as well as our team and attendees.”

Therefore, the Events, Sustainability and Safety in a Post-Lockdown Era guide provides a framework for balancing both the safety of people with a responsibility to the Planet and shares recommendations on how to minimise plastic PPE, promotes the sustainable design of events and responsible waste management.

Other topics covered in the guide include sustainable signage practices, food and beverage and wellbeing.

“Moving forward, the measure of a successful event will be based on how safe it was for people, and how responsible it was for the Planet,” added Donald.

The Events, Sustainability and Safety in a Post-Lockdown Era guide can be downloaded for free from The Bulb’s website on this link.

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