Incheon Airport: Programme of events to soothe travellers

Lounges at Incheon Airport are places of entertainment and comfort for their customers, and no longer boring spaces with uncomfortable seating.

Traveller satisfaction is low when it comes to spending time in airport terminals, NBC reports.

“I think the next area of competition in air travel is in the airport,” Paul Jacobson, executive vice president and CFO of Delta Air Lines said. “How do you continue to streamline the on-the-ground experience. It is a big part of how passengers rate the experience.”

Jacobson feels that airline carriers need to make time spent in airports more enjoyable. Incheon International Airport in South Korea is making good on this promise by creating special events in their lounges.

The airport has a golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, an ice skating rink, a casino, indoor gardens, a video game centre and a Museum of Korean Culture.

Music is well known for its soothing qualities and the South Korean airport has hosted regular summer season concerts.

A classical concert was performed on 24 July, under the theme of Drawing Motion with Music. High-quality performances have replaced the anodyne tinny music that echoed around airports in the past.

Son Seong-Don, a musical director and conductor who regularly performs all over Asia, partnered up with the Millennium Symphony Orchestra. The opening performance was a blend of music and painting, delivered by painter Kim Mul-gil.

“The concert was planned to present inspiring performances and memorable summer days to Korean and foreign passengers, airport employees and local residents. Incheon Airport will continue working to become a unique culture and art airport while innovating services and developing new growth engines,” Koo Bon-hwan, president and CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation, said.

Incheon Airport also holds cultural and artistic programmes throughout the year, which informs travellers about the artistic and cultural history of South Korea.

In 2017, the airport served a total of 62,082,032 passengers and ranked as the world’s 19th busiest airport by passenger traffic and ninth in Asia.

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