Wanted: change agents who dare to look at challenges

Have you been a witness to heinous crimes against events? Do you see the same standard event formats day in and day out? Were you subjected to stale productions, dull decor and cluttered communication that resulted in downright average experiences?

Unfortunately, we see this all the time, and the consequences are dire. We see the uninspiring results and the confused and bored delegates, who go back to work unimpressed and unengaged.

This is a waste, and it must end!

At Voqin we like to look at things differently, so we’re looking for change agents. We’re looking for the defiant ones, who dare to look at challenges in a different way. We’re looking for those who want to change perceptions, shift paradigms, push the boundaries and communicate clearly to provoke meaningful emotions.

Why? Because emotions are the one thing that, as humans, we remember above anything else.

If this is you, then get in touch! We are 100 per cent focused on helping change agents, in any line of business, to provoke meaningful emotions at their events. If you look closely, it’s in our name, written in our own way. We are pro-VOQIN the status-quo through our unique blend of unboring experiences. This is what our talented teams of Voqers, in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Florida, work towards on every single project. It’s what drives us forward and it’s what makes us go far beyond delivering impeccable event logistics to bring together the best of destination management and live events.

It’s 2020, we must do better than delivering well-planned professional gatherings. That is a given, and we do that very well, but we must aim for more, much more.

Emotion Creators

Our tag line ‘Emotion Creators’ is not just an ambitious call-to-action for the events and experiences we help create. It’s a sneak peek into why we do what we do. It’s our reason for being.

We support our clients around the world by helping them create outstanding moments of face-to-face communication, moments that provoke powerful emotions and really make a difference. These moments are perfect for communicating our clients’ mission, visions and values. They are key to setting ambitious goals and targets and they are without a doubt the best way for team members to create the strong bonds that help them excel day-to-day.

This is why our clients trust us to be their forward-thinking creative events partner.

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