Unicorn Events opens New York office in response to US growth

Unicorn Events has opened an office in New York City to meet increasing demand in the US.

Focusing primarily in media and technology, Unicorn has two of its top five clients headquartered in the US. Officially incorporated in New York in October of this year the creative events agency has expanded overseas to meet increasing demand for US based projects and to service its current roster of US based clients.

Unicorn Events founder and MD Hannah Luffman told M&IT: “It’s incredibly exciting that we’re in a position to do this in year two, we’ve seen significant growth thanks to our enthusiastic team. To be operating in the US so early is great, we’re ahead of our targets.

“We have known for some time that the US was the next big market for us to operate in and we are absolutely thrilled to be publicly announcing that we are now fully functioning in New York.

“We have an exceptionally strong project team running events out of the office in NYC who will service clients and events across the US.”

She added that the move comes following the growing demand to be fully operational, insured and billing in US dollars for US-based clients. A project director and four additional members of staff will be based in the office in midtown Manhattan.

“Operating in the US from the UK is not the same as having a fully staffed office out in the US and being able to bill locally as well as working under US law,” she said. “We will continue to focus heavily on the EMEA work whilst seamlessly integrating the US team into our client projects.”

The move comes after growth within the UK business and team expansion in London allowing for dedicated client account teams. The announcement also creates new senior openings within the UK including a head of events EMEA.

Luffman added: “Everybody can barely do any work, they’re so excited! It’s fantastic to finally share it with the industry.”

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