#unboringsolutions with VOQIN´

VOQIN´ brings together the best of destination management and live events!

With offices in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Florida, VOQIN´ has helped organisations to create truly engaging and memorable events for more than 17 years, thanks to its strategy, creativity and flawless execution.

The ‘Voqers’ team in Spain has grown in experience and knowledge and its local and talented team are focused on provoking meaningful emotions through #unboringsolutions, the company’s core drive.

Although Spain’s cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona and Madrid are huge destinations for corporate events, Seville and Bilbao are now rising up as big players and are the new #unboring cities in the corporate events world. With easy access from the UK and Europe, they are rich in culture and sizzling with energy. VOQIN´ is part of Seville Convention Bureau and SpainDMCs association.

Bilbao has become a mosaic of contemporary architectural styles by the most renowned architects and designers. The Guggenheim Museum was a turning point in its history, in a way giving birth to a new city. Today, wherever you look in town, you will find an architectural treasure designed by an internationally acclaimed architect, and always near an amazing restaurant where you will taste the top level of Basque gastronomy (32 Michelin stars in 23 restaurants). Bilbao’s past of blast furnaces has forged a future that looks at the titanium of the Guggenheim Museum, in the calm waters of Nervión river and on the surface of a city that is an example worldwide of urban transformation and that has maintained a very special and unique culture and tradition.

Bilbao, las ‘TRAINERAS’, traditional Basque activity


Seville embodies every Spanish cliché. This Andalusian city is a festival for the senses. The smell of azahar flowers (orange blossoms) floods the whole city when spring comes, and flies directly as marmalade to the British breakfast tables. Seville is not just about flamenco and tapas, modern times have knocked on the doors of the Giralda. A new energy runs through the arteries of the city, Seville only looks like Seville. All the initiatives that have emerged in recent years have been looking sideways at tradition, and the citizens have learnt the attraction of being located between the contemporary and the classical. You can find restaurants mixing Japanese with Andalusian tradition, Italian tapas taverns, new Churrerias and all of them living next to the neighbours of the bar and grocery of a lifetime.

The spirit of Al-Andalus lives on in the alleys of the Old Town, the Palaces and the secret courtyards, still the city’s much-loved symbol. But the 21st century appears in the wood parasols of Las Setas, the world’s largest wooden structure, with a market, cafés and a Roman and Medieval museum – one of the best examples of what’s new in the city!

Las Setas, Seville


Lunch at the Palacio del Recreo de las Cadenas, part of the Royal School of Equestrian Art


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