“True queen of the industry” Tina Morris dies after brief illness

Tributes have poured in for former AddingValue MD of events Tina Morris, who has died aged 63.

In a long events career, Morris headed up the events teams at AddingValue, Euro RSCG Skybridge and Motivforce, as well as time spent at Peugeot and Jaguar. She passed away from multiple organ failure following a brief illness.

Randle Stonier, friend, consultant and former boss at AddingValue, Euro RSCG Skybridge and Motivforce, said: “Tina’s left us way too early and will leave behind many friends, both professional and personal who will feel the poorer for her passing.

“While she could, in her own words, “be a bugger” to work with at times, the sheer number of former friends and colleagues sharing their memories over the last few days are testament to both a good friend and fellow events professional who left her mark far and wide.

“And let me tell you that the running order for her own funeral is evidence that an events professional’s planning continues long after the final curtain call.”

Judy Till, MD at RAM Org, said: “I knew Tina well through many years of supplier/agency relationship. So saddened to hear the news as she was always such a delight to deal with and acted in such a positive way, always ready to arrange meetings with the team, encouraging team members to attend our Ram Fams, and helping in advisory capacity on various projects over the 25 years of knowing her. A true queen of the industry whose humour and enthusiasm will be sorely missed.”

Liz Franklin, of Liz Franklin Event Management, said: “I’m devastated. A vibrant lady who gave me and many others the perfect start to my events career whilst on industry placement. She set the boundaries, taught me about high ethics/standards and ignited my passion for an industry I am still so fond of. I’m so grateful.”

Charis Coleman, director of Purple Flamingo Events, said: “I will remember our times together fondly. My first boss in events at Motivforce. I still hear some of her advice in my head when I’m training new people. What a legend.”

Patrizia Di Patrizio, director of The Luxury Lab, said: “Such said news. I am so deeply devastated by the loss of a mentor, colleague and dear friend. I will miss her very much.”

“The smiles and memories will live on”

Randle Stonier shares his memories of his first meeting with Morris and the beginning of a friendship that spanned four decades

“25 years ago Tina Morris walked in for an interview. She had just returned from a year away in the Philippines organising the Johnny Walker Classic, and having previously started her professional life as a graduate trainee at Jaguar and then running event projects at Peugeot for nine years.

“I was 45 minutes late, delayed at a client. She was all set to leave, rightly thinking “how rude” when I arrived in reception all of a fluster. “Ohhh”, she stuttered as she readjusted her hair on the fly. She always had dodgy taste in men. We spent two hours in an ‘interview’. My team thought from the laughter that it must be an old friend. Little did they know their assumption was a few years premature.

“At the end of the interview I said, “Well, I’m not sure what role I’m going to have to create, because we don’t currently have a vacancy that’s appropriate but I’ll tell the boss I’m employing you anyway as I just know we have to have you on the team’.

“25 years later that friendship, both personal and professional will sadly be laid to rest but the smiles and memories will live on.”

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