Survey to assess impact of Covid-19 on industry’s mental health

Event professionals from across the industry are being encouraged to take part in a new mental health survey to assess the impact Covid-19 is having on the industry’s wellbeing.

The survey, organised by Stress Matters, coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (18-24 May) and can be found here.

Stress Matters founder Laura Capell-Abra said: “At Stress Matters, we are very aware through the Support Line and the Buddies Matter programme that the wellbeing of many #eventprofs is in flux at the moment. We are working hard to try and reduce this stress but we need the support of everyone to make this a reality.

“During Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 we are looking to do a pulse check on the wellbeing of the events industry as we now enter our ninth week on lockdown. the theme this year is Kindness so we ask you to show some Kindness to yourself and others by spending five minutes completing this survey.”

Stress Matters have been seeing first-hand the impacts of the pandemic on the industry through their volunteer-led confidential Support Line. This number can be contacted through SMS, Whatsapp or called on 07481 362 111.

The Stress Matters team has been gathering insights into the wellbeing of the events industry since 2017. In research from late 2019, it was found 45 per cent of event industry professionals believe that they have seen signs of their employers placing more effort on workplace wellbeing in the last 12 months. This round of research will also check to see if this increase in wellbeing focus has been continued.

It was also found that 28 per cent of event industry professionals have taken time off work due to a mental health illness. As 28 per cent won’t speak to colleagues or employers when they are feeling overwhelmed as they don’t believe they would help, Stress Matters started to run Mental Health First Aid training courses accredited by Mental Health First Aid England to increase the level of conversation. These are run in conjunction with a number of associations to subsidise the cost to #eventprofs.

For more info on the insights that Stress Matters collects and how they use these, please contact the team through

Take part in the survey.