Steering clear of extinction with BCD sustainability roundtable event

During London’s inaugural Climate Action Week, BCD Events and Meetings (BCD M&E) held a roundtable event at the Natural History Museum to discuss sustainability and responsibility in the industry.

The event, which was hosted in collaboration with the London Convention Bureau, required guests to consider the attitudes and changing behaviours towards sustainability practices such as recycling, reducing plastic usage and reducing food wastage.

Among the guests were 25 representatives from the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) top 100 companies who shared what sustainable practices their companies has incorporated and also listened to presentations from industry suppliers about how the industry is attempting to reduce its environmental impact.

“London Climate Action Week is part of the Mayor’s ambition to make London the world’s greenest city and a leader in tackling issues relating to climate change,” said Paul Black, head of business events at The London Convention Bureau.

Among other climate action goals set out in the Mayor of London’s Environment Strategy are increasing recycling to 75 per cent in Greater London, reducing food waste by 20 per cent and moving towards net-zero London emissions by 2050.

“The capital has an enormous legacy in hosting events and it’s imperative that we encourage organisations to look at the impact their events – both big and small – have on the environment. BCD M&E has a demonstrable forward-thinking and proactive stance on sustainability, and we are delighted to have partnered with them on this insightful and productive event at the Natural History Museum,” added Black.

Aptly, the event was held in the Natural History Museum’s Earth Hall which features the well-known metal globe. Catering was supplied by Food by Dish with representatives from the company detailing how the dishes served on the night reduced food wastage by using by-products that would have previously been disgorged, such as chickpea water and carrot tops.

Wise Productions also showcased its latest battery-powered LED lighting technologies.

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