The eventprofs finding the positives during coronavirus

It may seem like nothing but coronavirus doom and gloom everywhere you look in the industry right now – but there’s always a silver lining.

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and chaos, everything seems overwhelming. But here at M&IT we’re determined to find the positive news stories and shed a bit of sunshine on the situation.

We’ve launched our Silver Linings campaign to highlight the important positive work of event professionals, from pushing virtual event boundaries to baking.

Here are some of the amazing things industry professionals are doing to make light out of their situation.

Virtual tours and staff retention 

As an agency we’ve been around 28 years and to be honest, I’m not sure if we will survive but I’ve guaranteed I will be keeping all staff on etc to help our clients through this.

We have a sister company producing 3D virtual tours which at the moment, are the only way that venues are able to provide a real insight into a property – how the rooms link and flow so once the initial bans have been lifted, we want to get out there and help as many small hotels and event spaces have the same chance of contracting the business that will be out there. – Jackie Basden, Events & Venues and 3D Virtual Solutions

The possibilities of a virtual world 

We did a broadcast and blog last week to show our clients what’s possible in the virtual world.

Today we’re attempting to get all 330 of the team on one screen, most working from home. – Dale Parmenter, group CEO, DRPG 

Providing a Power Boost to COVID-19 Research

Whilst you might be used to seeing our tech deliver incredible event experiences, did you know that it can also help in the fight against COVID-19? Usually used to handle large-scale video content, the CPU and GPU power from our media servers has been put to work assisting with the Folding@Home project.

Organised by Washington University, Folding@Home (FAH) is a long-standing computing project which allows individuals to contribute computing power to Stanford’s research efforts. This, in turn, helps the researchers in combating the illnesses that are related to proteins and protein (mis)folding, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and COVID-19. Folding@Home has now been going on for almost two decades. With a host of incredible AV companies also getting involved, we’re proud to be joining them to make the most of the current situation to support the initiative.

We’ve set up Avolites Ai Servers, disguise 4X4PRO media servers, 8 Apple Mac towers and 16 of the highest spec graphics laptops in our Leicestershire warehouse to provide a power boost to the project. PSAV UK & AVC Live, also part of the PSAV family, have also set up 30 laptops at our International HQ in Uxbridge. – Zara Young, PR for Hawthorn event production firm


Paris Je T’aime! We can never say it enough.

At this particular period of time, we would like to continue to proclaim our love for our beautiful city on our social networks, and we would like you to join in!

How to do it?

Share your photos of Paris from your window on Instagram using the hashtags #ParisFromMyWindow and #ParisJeTaime

Every day, during the confinement period, we will post a selection of photos from our followers to continue to show you Paris, the city that is your city too.

#RestezChezVous (#StayHome) but don’t forget to take photos of the city, its streets, its rooftops and its monuments, so that others can enjoy them too! – Paris Convention Bureau

Out with the old…

For me, it was pivoting our business to find new goals, and accepting that our previous ones are no longer possible. We re-wrote our business plan and now have the time to concentrate on passion projects we’ve wanted to do for ages (like starting a podcast!) – Rebecca Brennan-Brown, Alternative Wedding Planner

Aiming to learn something new every day

We’ve focused on everything from UX/UI design, video editing, and baking! Although we might want to take a look at learning some fitness routines before we go too far with baking. – HioSocial

Seeing eventprofs learn

Being able to help event professionals learn how to create virtual versions of their products and services so they can create some income to pay some of their bills! Its been really rewarding. – Ashanti Bentil-Dhue corporate trainer, EVENTMIND PRO

Coding and more

My team is operating full steam ahead in the virtual world, I’ve learned how to use #YAML , I’m learning how to code and so much more. I’ve also put my hand up to take on tasks I wouldn’t usually do to help support our business. – The Events Girl

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