Reward and recognition report calls for rewrite of rule book  

Reward and recognition programmes could likely have to start again as a result of the pandemic and budget will be drastically affected, according to a new report by Windsor-based agency Penguins.

The report, The Changing Face of Reward, shines a light on how rewards and recognition programmes have been forced to change through the pandemic.

Penguins’ research showed that there is a need for reward and recognition programmes, now more than ever, but the unknown status of future international travel and the risk of returning to lockdown conditions if things move too quickly means there is an opportunity for the incentive rule book to be rewritten.

The report was put together by Penguins in-house incentive experts who interviewed several brands on their current stance on incentive programmes.

One report interviewee said: “While the current global circumstances are driving us towards solutions suitable for our current climate, to futureproof our programmes, we need to start planning for future audience expectations, and the return of more normal business landscapes.”

Penguins has been dabbling in a new world of incentives throughout the pandemic. Reward experiences it has organised include a live safari broadcast for incentive winners to get up close to the ‘the big 5’, including elephants, lions, and rhinos. The agency also organised ‘Spots Rampage’ where incentive recipients had exclusive access to operate a state-of-the-art robot as it decorated a blank canvas in an art gallery.

Other recommendations from the report included the need to offer choice to team members so they can have their say in the way their reward and recognition scheme is shaped and delivered.

The inclusion of CSR and wellbeing was also highlighted with the focus on how these elements should be the foundation of any rewards and recognition programme.

The full report can be accessed here:

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