New representation company STAR Your World launches

Event professional Sarah Tennant has launched sales and marketing representation company STAR Your World in response to industry demand.

Tennant, who has 15 years of industry experience including five years at SANA Hotels, aims to connect event planners with destination marketing companies (DMCs) for incentives and events.

She told M&IT: “DMCs kept approaching me to represent them and that made me think I really ought to do something. It’s been going really well so far, I’ve had a number of enquiries and it’s nice to offer some more destinations to the customer base.

“I don’t want to get too big, I want to be able to service clients properly and give them dedicated support. It’s all MICE business, that’s my main expertise. When you start looking at different segments you can go off at a tangent. There’s enough clients without doing leisure as well.

Tennant has partnered with DMCs in Portugal, Italy and Ibiza, with further growth plans in the pipeline.

She said: “We work with carefully selected partners who require a strong sales support and presence within the United Kingdom. Event planners work with us because we are a trusted source, saving time whilst offering impartial suggestions for all types of events.”

“After many years of representing well respected international brands, following much success, learning and development, I had an ambition to launch an exclusive representation company. I gained great experience and worked hard in securing high value events playing a key role throughout the process.

“Customers are highly important to us because over time many trusted relationships have formed. Our customers consider us a trusted source and a valuable link between them and the global partner. This makes the process easier than it may have otherwise been without a dedicated point of contact.”

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