DRPG and Maritz Global Events partner to ‘revolutionise’ events

DRPG and Maritz Global Events have forged a new partnership that aims to transform the way live experiences are designed, delivered, measured, and valued.

The collaboration, forming the ‘More Than Experience’ alliance, aims to challenge the ways the sector has always done things and help their clients achieve not just a return on investment (ROI) but also a return on experience (ROE).

More Than Experience will leverage behavioural science and research in order to create ‘dynamic, innovative, sustainable solutions that resonate with audiences in an unexpected way.’

Maritz Global Events president, David Peckinpaugh explained that the alliance was catalysed during the Covid-19 pandemic as it was a period of time when the industry was forced to reevaluate its methods and strategies.

“The pandemic has forever changed the landscape of our industry, and our clients are asking ‘What’s next?’ They want and need something new and different as they are expected to push boundaries, justify budgets and prove ROI,” Peckinpaugh said. “With this creative alliance, clients can expect an even more considered approach, putting the audience and the outcome at the very heart of the solution.”

DRPG founder and CEO, Dale Parmenter added that More Than Experience is a different way of looking at communication.

“We want to shake things up, by making all the things the market has told us they wanted more of, possible. The combined strength of the DRPG and Maritz Global Events brands is an incredibly compelling proposition, as it brings together some of the most experienced and skilled industry talent globally,” Parmenter said.

DRPG and Maritz Global Events share a combined total of 1,500 full-time members of staff across the globe but the alliance will remain focused on personalised, customisable experiences for all of its clients. The partnership provides a truly global reach from both companies.

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