Most planners looking to address work/life balance in Covid-19 recovery

Event professionals are showing a significant desire to seek a better work/life balance during the Covid-19 recovery, according to research among event buyers conducted by London venue BMA House.

With the Covid-19 lockdown providing an opportunity for many individuals to focus on family, leisure and personal relationships, 68 per cent of event organisers said they will seek a better work/life balance in the future. This was a higher percentage than among event delegates, of whom 60 per cent also said they would seek improvements.

“For those working in events, these figures demonstrate clearly that many people are seeing the lockdown and changes to lifestyle as a significant opportunity to re-evaluate their lives,” said Kat Winfield, venue manager at BMA House. “There is clearly a desire to focus more on themselves and their family, which is something BMA House, as a venue with a strong focus on health and wellbeing, strongly supports.”

In support of the strong preference for a better work/life balance, 87 per cent of organisers and 92 per cent of delegates said more people should be offered the opportunity to work from home in the long term.
The research was carried out via an online survey amongst 229 respondents, made up of 79 event organisers and 150 event delegates.

Winfield stressed that a number of the delegates answering the survey are key workers and medical professionals, which may have shaped the results.

“These individuals have continued to work tirelessly, putting themselves in danger over recent weeks, many isolating away from family and loved ones,” she said. “They have not had a chance to consider a different work/life balance as they are working so hard for the benefit of all and for that they deserve our heartfelt respect and thanks.”

Located in Central London, BMA House was designed in 1911 by Sir Edwin Lutyens and has been home to the British Medical Association since 1925.