Mia responds to lack of guidance with support initiatives

The Meetings Industry Association has launched a series of support initiatives to help the events industry reopen.

These packages of support include a dedicated roadmap that is signposted as a key resource in both the Government’s ‘Visitor Economy Guidance’ as well as UK Hospitality’s COVID-Secure advice for the hospitality industry.

Jane Longhurst

The mia has also been developing its AIM Secure accreditation for venues which provides information on vital infection prevention and control protocols. Within the next few weeks, AIM accredited venues will be required to meet the new AIM Secure criteria which initially consists of a self-assessment.

These support initiatives were pushed out by the association after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement to relax social distancing rules and open some hospitality businesses failed to give the events industry any clarity on reopening.

Jane Longhurst, chief executive of the mia, said the association was “extremely disappointed” that Boris Johnson’s announcement didn’t provide clarity for when the industry can officially and full reopen.

“Without a start date, the social distancing reduction to one metre is totally irrelevant and has a potentially devastating impact on our industry that currently provides over 700,000 jobs to a diverse and highly skilled UK-based workforce,” Longhurst said.

“Continuing to work in collaboration with BVEP (Business Visits and Events Partnership), the mia will be pushing Government to provide clear guidance on when business conferences, events, exhibitions and trade fairs will be allowed to take place.

“While we push for clarity, it is crucial that venues continue their reopening preparations. As our roadmap has been signposted by the Government and UK Hospitality, venues can confidently use our guidance.”

Download a copy of the Roadmap to reopening and operating safely and to sign up to receive future updates of the guidance here.

Copies of the mia’s contract guidance, which was launched last month, can be downloaded here.