Meeting Needs delivers clean, fresh water to deaf school in Niger

Clean, fresh water is now available to the Niamey School for the Deaf in Niger, thanks to funding from industry charity Meeting Needs.

This means no more walking miles to collect water and more time for more productive activities, like the school’s new vegetable garden – which is also benefiting from regular irrigation.

The kitchen garden will now have a greater yield

The construction of a well and water tower with a solar-powered pump was a project undertaken by charity Remember Niger Coalition and financed with a grant of just £4,905. The completion of the project is the first step in a larger water and garden project, which will provide 164 students, 20 staff and teachers and more than 70 deaf community members with clean water, nutritious meals and gardening skills each year.

After the first water was delivered, Kara VanderKamp, executive director of Remember Niger Coalition, said: “It was awesome to see everything in place and the water coming out of the spigots. The director, teachers, students and deaf community members are so happy. The children were so cute when we turned on the spigots. They would try to sneak turns putting their hands in the water so they could drink it and rub it over their faces and heads.

“They are so thankful to have a consistent source of water for the children, especially during the hot season. Additionally, their garden will have a greater yield because they will be able to expand it and consistently water the crops. The fruit and vegetables help supplement the students daily lunch and provide much needed nutrition.”

Meeting Needs executive committee’s Lene Corgan said: “This is a fantastic project that is a real life-changer for so many people. It is also completely sustainable and exactly the kind of project Meeting Needs is here to support.”

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