Meetings associations form Global Alliance for ‘further collaboration’

The International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC), The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) have launched a Global Alliance.

The Global Alliance aims to create collaboration and generate more comprehensive and better-aligned benefits for the three associations’ members.

“We are all organizations with a global membership and perspective and already complement each other’s activities in various ways,” said Aloysius Arlando, AIPC president.

“However, as the business models of exhibitions, congresses, conferences, and other types of business meetings evolve, the overlap of global associations servicing the industry is growing even further.”

The three associations will focus on four primary areas: educational content, research, standards and advocacy, starting with engaging members in a series of educational exchanges and knowledge sharing. Discussions about industry standards, correct terminology and best practices will also be consistently encouraged between members.

“It is our hope and expectation that these initial activities will lead to the identification of opportunities for further collaboration in areas of mutual interest and benefit for our members around the world,” said James Rees, ICCA president.

In addition to the immediate outcomes, the partnership aims to enhance the credibility of the industry as a whole by providing a vehicle for the development of greater consistency within a mutually agreed industry framework.

“Certainly the exchange of content and insights will provide better access for members to additional resources, but there is another factor here which is the opportunity to increase consistency in the areas where we overlap,” said Rod Cameron, executive director of AIPC.

“This will not only enhance overall industry performance but boost our collective credibility amongst other industry sectors.”

The new Global Alliance between ICCA, UFI and AIPC will represent 2,800 member organization from 100 countries.

“By creating better integration of our efforts we will be in a position to better leverage everyone’s investment and create greater efficiencies for the use of our member’s time – one of the most valuable resources we all have these days,” added Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO.