Legacy launches ‘The Green Room’ forum for sustainability drive

Sustainability-focused events agency, Legacy, has launched its online forum, ‘The Green Room’, a platform to help event planners chat about sustainable events.

“The Green Room is an online space where we can share information, ask questions, get advice from industry experts and generally look to help each other out; with the benefit of all our combined experience,” Abena Poku-Awuah, founder of Legacy, told M&IT.

“People kept on asking us where they could find advice online about making their events sustainable. They said there was no central space where they could access information and share experiences. That’s why we set up the Green Room forum, for those involved in planning any kind of event to chat about how to make their event sustainable.”

Abena Poku-Awuah.

Abena Poku-Awuah.

While the forum is still in its infancy, feedback so far has been positive with event planners keen to get on board as Karen Stenning, founder of events Agency Absolute Alchemy explained.

She said: “The Green Room, produced by Legacy Events, is a superb community initiative to bring together passionate event organisers who want to make a difference. Sometimes it is hard to get the right information and to find the right suppliers. In a world that is full of information and misinformation, it is good to go to a safe place where you can get the answers.”

Poku-Awuah added that the issue of sustainability and the topics that surround it can often be “overwhelming” and that some language around climate change and waste can be hard to understand. But the forum aims to make tackling sustainability in the events industry more accessible.

“The Green Room brings together a dream team of the best technical sustainable event experts, who really know their stuff, with people on the ground delivering events,” added Poku-Awuah.

Legacy is hosting the forum and it is free to use as a resource. Users simply need to create an account to join the community and participate in discussions.

“We have appointed industry sustainability experts for each category area, MICE, Outdoor Events, ISO 20121, for example, who will help to moderate the conversations and suggest new discussion topics,” Poku-Awuah added.

“Our mission has always been to push the events sector forward in terms of sustainability so the Green Room helps us to meet that goal.”