From a dream to reality, In2Events’ Gavin Farley announces Asembl Group

During the Covid‐19 pandemic, when the meeting and events world was turned on its head, Gavin Farley, co‐founder of In2Events Limited was plotting his next venture.

“18 months in the making but a long time in my brain, I was finally able to put my lifetime ambition into action,” he explains. “I would like to introduce you to the Asembl Group.”

Farley’s dream, the Asembl Group, is a full‐service agency, offering venue finding, content creation, event management, audio‐visual expertise, a TV studio and a few more yet‐to‐be‐revealed offerings.

But by no means is the Asembl Group being assembled from scratch. Between the three founders, Asembl Group shares more than 80 years of business meetings and events experience.

Joining Farley, Asembl Group CEO, on the mission to “create the ultimate integrated communications group” is Mike Kershaw, Asembl Group chair and formerly chair of the Concerto Group, and Peter Jackson, Asembl Group managing director and formerly co‐founder of Clive, the brand experience agency.

“The way I look at this, is if you want to go and win the Premier League, you need to build the best team, right? So, for me, although I’m confident in what I do, I knew I couldn’t do this on my own,” Farley reveals.

As a team, they have put the feelers out to existing companies they admire and value in order to acquire well‐established businesses to integrate into the group.

While In2Events Limited is based in Hampshire, the Asembl Group are looking far and wide for the best businesses to bring into the group, from Manchester to London to Birmingham.

“We’re not just buying or merging or acquiring these companies because they’re all on our doorstep. That’s not the point. The point is that they’re strategically aligned with our goals at Asembl group, and also where they are and what value that brings to our client base,” Farley adds.

“All of these companies have their own set of values, ethos, people, talent and capabilities that we want to leverage while making sure that they share our values of playful, respectful and professional ‐ that’s really important” Farley continues.

Asembl Group Logo

So, what goals do Asembl Group have? 

Farley explains it like this: “Individually amazing but together, unstoppable.”

The immediate goal for the group is to launch the Asembl brand. “Then we take it to our existing client base and educate them on all the benefits of working with the company, and the group and what we can bring in, the whole way around – that is, that the group is best in class,” Farley explains.

Asembl Group chair, Mike Kershaw reiterates this and explains that the Asembl Group aims to bring together, “the best in class in people and solutions, from a wide cross‐section to form a leading integrated communications group.

“Rather than trying to be everything for everyone under one roof, the Asembl Group is focussing more on specialisms, and utilising the individual companies and talent, to offer a ‘pick and mix’ solution to buyers. A fresh, and different approach to delivering solutions to clients.”

The Asembl Group, MD Peter Jackson adds that the company is modelled on providing recognisable and unmatched quality. “If you think of the department store John Lewis, you can buy multiple products, from furniture to insurance, but you know that the experience will be consistent and enjoyable, that’s what we’re looking to do with the Asembl.

“This lean approach with genuinely selectable, specialised talent driven by Gavin’s energy and vision and Mike and my experience of building businesses will deliver a breath of fresh air to clients that are looking for value, originality, experience and ultimately results,” Jackson adds.

Asembl Group remains on the lookout for businesses with the “right fit and values” that can either partly or wholly join Asembl Group. “The right fit means a business that wants to do things differently – the Asembl Group balances purpose and profit and because of this we’re working towards B Corporation certification,” Farley adds.

Watch this space…

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