Forget the medium, focus on the experience, says Top Banana

Creative communications agency Top Banana has launched a new campaign to turn the focus back to the event experience and away from the medium of delivery. 

“Hybrid is currently the word that is taking centre stage in our industry and with the number of benefits it brings it’s easy to understand why it’s described as the next big next,” Polly Stobinski, marketing manager at Top Banana said.

“But we were really keen not to get lost in the lingo, jump on the bandwagon and tell our clients they should be hosting hybrid events when that’s definitely not always the case. We were really keen to cut through the noise and focus on what we think is, and always has been, the most important element – the experience.”

Top Banana’s campaign comes at a time when it’s easier than ever to connect to people, but harder than ever to connect with people. Therefore, they are encouraging their clients to not concentrate on the event format, but instead to think about how they will connect with the people in the audience.

Top Banana managing director, Jemma Peers added: “The team at Top Banana have always been really authentic with our clients; if they don’t need an event and their message is best communicated in another way, we’ll tell them. It’s the same with live, virtual and hybrid events – we don’t want clients to get lost in the vocabulary and start their briefing process with the type of event they want if it isn’t right for the experience they want to create.

“We really try to get under the skin of their business, strategy and people as it’s only then we’re able to intelligently form the balance between live and virtual and create messages and communication that enable them to successfully connect with their audience.”

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