EventWell announces month-long wellbeing campaign

EventWell has announced it will be extending its annual Event Wellbeing week into a full month, starting on 1 September.

The decision to extend the normally week-long event into a 30-day event has been taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the unforeseen negative impact it has had on event professionals.

This year’s #EventWell20 campaign will aim to educate event professionals on the importance of committing to provide better support for employees and talent and to make a positive change to workplace culture and mental health.

It will also inform participants on the importance of self‐care and building resilience as creative professionals in order to better manage stress, drive productivity and creativity and, stay ‘Event Well’.

Helen Moon

The Event Wellbeing Month calendar is split into four different focused topics across four weeks.

Each week will see a series of events, podcasts, activities and blogs dedicated to getting a better night’s sleep, highlighting the importance of exercise, ensuring healthy diets and showing businesses and individuals how they can take action to tackle poor mental health in the creative, event, hospitality and travel industry.

  • Week 1 (Tuesday 1st ‐ Monday 7th) 7 Days of Sleep
  • Week 2 (Tuesday 8th ‐ Monday 14th) 7 Days of Movement
  • Week 3 (Tuesday 15th ‐ Monday 21st) 7 Days of Nutrition
  • Week 4 (Tuesday 22nd ‐ Wednesday 30th) 9 Days of Action

EventWell CEO Helen Moon said: “2020 has been an extremely challenging year for our industry and so it was felt that our yearly September campaign week would just not be long enough, hence switching it to a month-long.

“As part of the nine days of action, we will also be encouraging all event businesses to sign the EventWell Manifesto. We need to make an important step as an industry and a real commitment to positive culture change, for the benefit of all – as we all have mental health!”

Find out more about EventWell and Event Wellbeing Month here.