Events Industry Council partners with The Code to fight child trafficking

In efforts to end human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children, the Event Industry Council has joined The Code.

The Code provides awareness, tools and support to the travel and tourism industry to protect children against sexual exploitation.

Amy Calvert

Events Industry Council CEO Amy Calvert said: “EIC supports all efforts against human trafficking, and we are very proud to have joined The Code to support its global mission.”

The Code is a voluntary set of six criteria that members commit to, to keep children safe. The Code is supported by ECPAT, a worldwide network of organisations working to end the sexual exploitation of children around the world.

Calvert added: “According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), over 40 million people are living in slavery worldwide; by working with The Code and ECPAT we can play our part in finally ending global human trafficking and exploitation. Given the scope and scale of our industry, we have the ability to be a catalyst for meaningful and lasting change and progress.”

The Events Industry Council and The Code will work together by collaborating and engaging with stakeholders, establishing policies and procedures, training employees, including a clause in contracts, and providing information to travellers on how to prevent and report suspected cases.

“ECPAT International welcomes the newest member of The Code, Events Industry Council,” ECPAT International deputy executive director Thomas Mueller said.

“They join over 350 member companies worldwide in a shared, proactive commitment from the travel and tourism industry to protecting children from sexual exploitation. It is vital that the private sector works together with the ECPAT network, law enforcement, and local communities on this difficult but important issue.

ECPAT-USA director of private sector engagement Yvonne Chen added:

“Partnerships with the private sector are crucial to achieving the goal of the ECPAT network and ECPAT-USA to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children, and ECPAT-USA is pleased to welcome the Events Industry Council as a new member of The Code.”

“We look forward to working with them to raise awareness of these issues and protect children around the world.”

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