Events Industry Board survey to identify EU funding infrastructure

The UK Events Industry Board (EIB) has launched a survey to help collate the value of EU grants, funding infrastructure and service-related projects that have benefited UK business events.

The EIB Working Group for Infrastructure is urging destinations across the UK to complete the short survey identifying EU funding the events industry has received.

The subgroup is keen to understand the current levels of investment so that it can make recommendations to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports (DCMS) to keep the funding stream open.

The EIB want to identify any EU funding that has contributed towards the capital costs for convention centres or other venues, transport developments, convention bureau development or training programmes.

Chris Skeith, chair of the EIB Infrastructure working group said: “Collectively we are looking at a number of areas, such as infrastructure developments at venues and destinations around the world, capacity and occupancy and pressures surrounding transport links.

“This survey will help to provide valuable insight to the Working Group for Infrastructure so it can make recommendations to both the EIB and DCMS and help to ensure that any funding gaps are considered going forward.

“We urge every destination to take part in this short survey to help us present as fuller as picture as possible”.

The survey, undertaken by Sally Greenhill from The Right Solution, has four questions asking the value of grants received and for what projects over the last 10 years.

Since Britain joined the European Union (EU) in 1973, the European Investment Bank has lent €118bn (£101bn) to help fund UK infrastructure projects.

EIB chair, Michael Hirst added: “As an advisory board to DCMS the EIB is providing valuable information and insight to help the government implement its Business Visits and Events Strategy and is always looking for ways to help improve and promote the UK Events Sector.

“It is vitally important to understand details of funding streams used to enhance venue infrastructures, especially in these uncertain times.”

The EIB was set up following the UK government publishing its Business Visits and Events Strategy in March 2015 and is an industry-led board composed of individuals and representative organisations from the events industry.

The board’s role is to implement the strategy, look for ways to improve and promote the UK Events sector and to act as a sounding board and point of dialogue between Ministers and the industry.

The survey can be completed here.