Events form integral part of marketing strategy, says Sleek whitepaper

A new white paper from Wimbledon-based events agency Sleek makes the argument for why events should continue to be a central part of marketing strategies.

The Rebuilding Your Events Calendar Into 2021 & Beyond whitepaper is the first of its kind from the agency and aims to offer tips and resources for rebuilding your events calendar.

Lizzie Burdge, business development and marketing director for Sleek said: “As an industry, we are versatile and creative, we’ve all adapted to the many challenges thrown at us over the past 18 months and Sleek is no exception to this.

“Sleek’s whitepaper will offer a compelling argument for why events should continue to be a central part of your marketing strategy and offer tips and resources for rebuilding your events calendar; no matter if that is an in-person or virtual event.”

The whitepaper makes the argument that events are vital to brand awareness as they help customers to both discover the brand and immerse themselves in the message through an interactive experience. “It makes your brand tangible by bringing it to life. People will both remember and talk about a great event- whether that’s on social media, in the press or to other customers or people in your industry,” the paper stated.

The paper also shares practical tips on how to future proof events through adapting your existing strategy to cater for in-person, hybrid and virtual events. “For example, for hybrid events, you’ll need to think about an app, branded backdrops, high-quality cameras and microphones and video-editing expertise,” the paper explained.

Other tips include investing in an event consultancy service, integrating an agency planner into your team and reviewing events.

“We see this whitepaper as the first instalment of a series that looks to help rebuild confidence in live events but also demonstrate how virtual can be beneficial,” added Burdge.

“It is about what event format best suits your marketing objectives as well as your target audience and understanding what format is best to achieve that.”

You can download and read the full whitepaper here.

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