Eventful Life with Janet Dodd, director of live events at Identity

Holly Patrick was joined by the brilliant Janet Dodd for this episode of M&IT’s Eventful Life. Janet has been the director of live events at Sussex-based events agency, Identity since 2018, but her career started 20-years before that.

They discuss why dreaming big and striving for those goals every day is essential to having a fulfilled career, the logistics of planning the G7 summit in a tiny Cornish town and why delivering the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) has always been a dream – one that’s coming true for Janet this year…

“I’m very passionate about doing events that make a difference and deliver positive change. So I have been wanting to work on COP for many years now. It’s always been on my radar and it’s always been something I’ve been very passionate about working on, and fortunately, Identity secured the contract to deliver COP26, so I’m really excited about delivering that…”

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