Event Marketing Association partners up with VisitBritain

The Event Marketing Association (EMA), the industry association that represents the in-house event professional, is set to expand across the UK through a partnership with VisitBritain.

The partnership will support the EMA’s national growth strategy by giving support and visibility through the creation of a number of local chapters in key cities across the UK. The EMA hopes that through the partnership VisitBritain will be able to get to know and understand the drivers for the corporate event professional and the challenges they face when selecting destinations for their events. The partnership will also enable EMA members to know well in advance of major event investment going on in cities around the country. The EMA and VisitBritain will host a number of round table events with corporate event planners to discuss these key issues.

Richard Waddington, chair of the EMA, said: “A partnership with VisitBritain is the perfect collaboration as we now grow the membership nationally. They will be a great conduit to share insight and knowledge on key national cities and major infrastructure investments. The EMA has successfully become the UK network for the corporate planner and marketer through our regular monthly educational networking events held in showcase venues along with round table events and fam trips.”

Kerrin MacPhie, head of business events at VisitBritain, said: “The EMA is a valuable platform that can help endorse the UK’s strong business events offering to in-house corporate event planners. We look forward to working together to host educational round-table events on sector-specific issues, sharing our knowledge and insights whilst promoting our regional gateways and the outstanding venues, attractions and experiences across the country.

“VisitBritain is committed to working in partnership with the industry, demonstrating our determination to support its growth and development, and ultimately to drive more international Business Events to destinations across the UK.”

The EMA is a not-for-profit industry association exclusively for in-house corporate event planners and has an online community of more than 650 members.