Event Management Apprenticeship Programme aims to broaden talent pool

The future of the event management apprenticeship programme (EMAP) was discussed by more than 30 event professionals in London on 8 July.

The meeting was to ensure that the event industry has involvement and can guide the next stages of the programme.

Delegates from training providers and associations in the event industry were informed about the work so far completed and new developments from EMAP.

The day was opened by Sarah Wright, chair of the event management apprenticeship programme board, who spoke to the audience about work parties established to support work streams such as communications and diversity.

“Getting time and commitment from so many people today is a fantastic result – this programme is designed by the industry for the industry, so the ideas and thoughts we’ve captured are invaluable in that process,” Wright said.

“All of our EMAP volunteers working on the board and working parties really appreciate the support from the industry but need more support through the employment of apprentices, sponsorship of the programme and joining the vital working parties. The sharing of great ideas and really useful expert insights make the work required to drive the recruitment of apprentices in order to broaden the talent pool really worthwhile.”

Wright also revealed the first commercial sponsorship deal for EMAP – the proceeds of which will go towards improving the Get Into Events website.

The eastside rooms and the EMAP board have agreed a partnership that will see the venue become the first official partner of the event industry’s apprenticeship and talent initiative. The new Birmingham conference venue, which launches in spring 2020, will help fund the creation of a new portal for the initiative.

“From the outset, the values of the business have been to both find and nurture great talent, regardless of who they are or where they come from, but also to give people that want a career in events a perfect springboard for their careers, supporting the Events Management Apprenticeship Programme allows both us and others to do this,” said Matt Huddart, regional general manager of the eastside rooms.

“We’re a business that will be a firm fixture of the events industry, so it’s important we work with the many outstanding people-led initiatives that are out there from the outset.”

Joshua Owolabi, who is about to start his apprenticeship journey at Level 3 as an event management assistant, was joined on stage by Simon Hughes, vice chair of the event management apprenticeship programme board.

Owolabi spoke about wanting to create more community events to provide safe spaces for young people in the Hackney neighbourhood where he lives.

There were also workshops on the content of Levels 3,4,5 and 6 of the apprenticeship scheme, on providing relevant access points for the range of skills in the event sector.

Radhika Chhatwal gave a presentation on the work conducted around diversity and inclusion, which is one of the important objectives outlined by EMAP.