Event companies should be allowed to fail, says former Tory MP

Former Tory MP Edwina Currie has said that conference and exhibition companies should be allowed to fail as “you cannot save all the puppies”.

Speaking on Iain Dale’s Cross Question on radio station LBC, Currie said: “If you open up something like an exhibition, will people actually come?

“You’re not going to get international travellers, you’re not going to get most of the old people who might come, so you’re going to spend a fortune and it’s all going to go down the drain.

“There’s a saying if you have a good heart, and that’s that you cannot save all the puppies.

“There are going to be some activities that are not going to recover for quite a long time.

The former junior health minister added: “Some things, such as the theatre and weddings will come back but some things are going to take longer, and much of the exhibition industry and festivals will not get going quickly.

“In which case, it makes no fiscal or political sense to start throwing money at them.

“And on the other hand, there are quite a lot of vacancies in other industries.”

When questioned by Dale that this would mean many companies would just go out of business, Currie said: “Well yes, they will go out of business.”

After the show, Currie took to Twitter to explain her comments further. She said: “The exhibitions we were discussing were trade exhibitions; huge numbers swanning round the Excel centre for example. Given the long lead-in time to organise them, that’s not going to happen for ages.. so no point in keeping the jobs going IMHO.”

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