Cvent to drive online interactions with new virtual solution

Cvent has unveiled a new virtual event solution, the Cvent Engagement Hub.

The Cvent Engagement Hub aims to drive meaningful and measurable online interactions. Its creators claim that it includes everything organisations need to create a virtual event experience to reach and engage virtual audiences, including fully integrated webcasting technology.

“As the global pandemic took hold, virtual events were embraced as a way for organisations to continue to engage their prospects and customers even when they couldn’t meet in person, face to face,” said Cvent CMO Patrick Smith. “Many organisations quickly pivoted to create a virtual event strategy but had to patch together disparate technologies to run their events. This suboptimal approach meant low attendee engagement, an inferior user experience, and no way to measure the event’s true business impact.

“In our current environment, the need to reach and engage attendees virtually has never been more important – and we launched the Cvent Engagement Hub to drive online interactions that were meaningful and measurable,” continued Smith. “Since March, we’ve helped our customers manage over 60,000 virtual events, giving us valuable insight into what a successful virtual experience looks like. Now, with Cvent Engagement Hub, event planners, marketers, and organisations of all sizes will be able to easily design and deliver memorable, measurable virtual event experiences as key parts of their overall event programme.”

The Cvent Engagement Hub aims to enable event and marketing professionals to:

• Leverage one platform for a consistent, fully branded experience at each step of the virtual event lifecycle including promotion, registration, and all aspects of the virtual experience including an available native mobile app.

• Deliver high quality, secure event content, live, simulive, or on-demand, to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.

• Collect rich attendee and digital event data including per attendee engagement scores, session & web analytics, and dynamic surveys.

• Attract sponsors and exhibitors with virtual booths, video conferencing, sponsored sessions, and the ability to pre-schedule appointments.

• Provide key stakeholders with the insights they need to maximise event ROI and profitability.

• Access 24/7 support from Cvent’s 1,000+ customer care team, plus virtual event-specific offerings.

The Cvent Engagement Hub will power Cvent’s annual event technology conferences, Cvent CONNECT US on 25-26 August, and Cvent CONNECT Europe later this year. More than 23,000 event professionals, marketers, and hospitality professionals have already registered for the US event.