Corporate events will be more valued in 2021, reveals ICE Report

The ICE Report 2020 finds corporates will place more value on in-house events in 2021.

Now in its second year, the report which is created in partnership between ICERESEARCH and Cvent, found that stakeholders were increasingly seeing the value of corporate events and the in-house planners who create them.

The report aims to reveal the current state of the events industry, looking closely at team structures, reporting lines, feeling valued, metrics desired versus achieved, sustainability, technology and demonstrating impact.

In-House Corporate Events (ICE) founder Anita Howard said: “It’s been a horrible year for so many within the industry and the very future of events has been questioned. ICE Report 2020 has shown that now, more than ever we’re valued and understood as an integral and profitable business tool.”

Anita Howard

The research also found that 49 per cent of in-house event planners report to the marketing department and that marketing budgets are increasing; indicating event teams are accessing the necessary budgets to produce virtual and hybrid events.

Felicia Asiedu, Cvent Event Cloud marketing Europe manager, said: “In-house corporate planners have often struggled to get stakeholders to recognise the true value of events. So, it is very encouraging that this year’s research reveals a shift in positive perception and an increase in budgets for 2021.

Yet, the report found that respondents were less likely to measure their virtual events compared to face-to-face events.

The report also highlights challenges faced by event planners, with the majority of respondents (74 per cent) finding delivering virtual and hybrid events a challenge.

A further 64 per cent indicated that using technology to enhance the team’s way of working was proving to be difficult and 70 per cent said they were worried about ensuring the sustainability of their events.

When it comes to the return of face-to-face events, 63 per cent of respondents said they will organise fewer events for more than 500 attendees and look to organise events more locally.

Howard added: “The majority of event organisers who contributed towards the survey have been undergoing a massive learning curve over the last nine months, and it’s not been easy.

“It has been successful though, and their value has been shown not just from a project management and logistical level, but in terms of their ability to find solutions, go from live to digital and keep events creative, productive and effective.”

You can read the full ICE Report 2020 here.