Conference Care launches carbon neutral event solutions

Following a year in development, Conference Care has launched the Carbon Consultancy.

The new product has three main aims: to enable event organisers to calculate emissions generated from an event, to provide solutions that educate, create behaviour change and deliver emission reductions, and to offer offsetting carbon programmes.

The carbon calculator has been developed and tested by Conference care and accredited by Carbon Footprint Ltd as part of its long-term commitment to sustainability.

“We’ve been into sustainability for a long time, and Conference Care as a company has been carbon neutral for over ten years,” explained Conference Care director Chris Peacock.

“But we wanted to broaden what we can offer to our customers and the industry as a whole, helping to create a more sustainably focused events industry. To me it seemed simple – you can’t improve what you can’t measure, which is why we set out to have the most accurate, in‐depth calculator possible.”

Conference Care research indicated that 60 per cent of an event’s carbon footprint is produced from travel, 20 per cent is from venue energy consumption, 15 per cent from food and beverage production and waste and 5 per cent from ancillary services.

“Travel and events are complex, which means that your measurement tool has to be equally sophisticated. We’ve then developed specific data gathering tools for the event organiser and participants, to collect the most accurate information possible in an easy‐to‐follow process.”

How does it work?

Using the calculator, the Carbon Consultancy can measure the carbon footprint of a planned individual event or event programme.

Once this has been calculated, Carbon Consultancy will work with you to make suggestions on how to reduce the impact of the event. Once the event has taken place, Carbon Consultancy will recalculate based on final details and assess the impact of these changes on your final results.

Carbon Consultancy also offer optional offsetting programmes, all of which are Verified Carbon Standard.

Dan Hill‐Morriss of Carbon Footprint Ltd added: “Understanding the carbon impact of any event can be a complicated and challenging task. Conference Care’s new Carbon Consultancy service, including the event footprint calculator tool, will take the pain out of this exercise for their customers and encourage more event organisers to take account of the impact and make a positive contribution to addressing climate change.

“With the calculator validated to the NCOS Protocol, DEFRA Reporting Guidelines and the Carbon Footprint Standard, customers can rest assured that the calculations will be as accurate and credible as possible.”

A fully online version of the Carbon Consultancy is also planned for 2022. For more information or to make an enquiry visit‐consultancy.

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