Celebrating 100 years of the Association of Event Organisers

The Association of Event Organisers (AEO) is celebrating 100 years of operation this year.

The AEO, comprised of 87 national and international members, will mark its centenary with a schedule of activities throughout 2021, including:

  • 100 AEO social posts campaign. This includes looking back on history, highlighting the great work it does with its members and some throwbacks for fun.
  • Interviews with members. Whether they’re the oldest, newest, biggest or smallest member, they’ll share what AEO means to them.
  • An AEO celebration in the fourth quarter, with the hope of bringing the events community back together, in person. (Subject to government guidance at the time.)

The association was founded in 1921 and registered with Companies House in June 1982. During this time the association has evolved to serve its members.

Chris Skeith, chief executive officer of AEO says: “Every organisation is only as good as the people that touch it. Our centenary is a celebration of all the people that have been part of our journey over the last century. The great work we have achieved together is the icing. Whether you’re a member, sponsor, partner, awards judge, you name it ‐ thank you to every one of you.”

The AEO is run by its members via an elected council, specialist working groups and a fulltime secretariat.

Skeith added: “We’re happy to be celebrating such an incredible milestone at a time when we all need more positive stories and to be reminded why our industry continues to be one worth fighting for in the face of adversity.”

The AEO is also asking its members to get in touch with their stories, to form part of its #AEOCENTENARY social campaign. There’s also a history of the association on the AEO website and a comparison of how the 1921 objectives compare to present day.

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