Case Study: Criteo ‘unleashes’ future of e-commerce at Science Museum

Hampshire based event agency In2Events delivered technology giant Criteo’s annual, UK-based Commerce Marketing Forum. Kicking off a global series of events, it was essential for the UK forum to set the bar ahead of Criteo’s headline event in the USA, as Stacey Close, In2Events’ senior account manager, explained.

“In2Events’ job was clear, to produce a standout, engaging experience for 100 C-level executives, senior buyers and influencers, with an impactful programme and valuable content that was reflective of the brand’s position in commerce marketing.”

The considerations

In2Events were responsible for the design and construction of an immersive environment and to create personalised delegate journeys that would harness the theme of ‘unleash’ and imaginatively demonstrate how AI and Criteo’s technology is changing the future of e-commerce.

“The event aimed to fortify the forum’s reputation as a must-attend annual event, increase brand awareness and influence future sales with an inspiring format and dynamic programme,” said Close.

Delivering the event

“With AI, the evolution of technology and the ‘unleash – new ideas’ themes central to the event, we secured the newly opened Illuminate venue at the Science Museum, London,” said Close.

“The venue allowed us to create the ‘wow’ factor and offered a space that aligned perfectly with the Criteo brand and its core event messaging. As one of the first events to be held in the new space, we were able to leverage the brand’s position as an industry-leader – leading the way in new spaces.”

To maximise the impact of the forum, In2Events designed a multifaceted programme that included a plenary component, think tanks and interactive panel sessions. Incorporating participatory sessions succeeded in engaging delegates in live topical conversations surrounding key content.

“This helped ‘unleash’ thoughts and ideas from across a spectrum of industries, which generated a buzz and an energised atmosphere throughout the day,” added Close.

By working closely and strategically with expert AV, production and media teams, In2Events ensured that every aspect of the event created an immersive and emotive journey. The aim was to trigger the senses and compel people to access and connect with Criteo’s content on a meaningful level.

“The event in London was our flagship event and kicked-off a global event series, so it had to really set the bar, and it did,” said Criteo’s global marketing manager.

“Working with In2Events helped make this possible, their expertise was invaluable, especially when it came to managing this project and Criteo stakeholders across the US and UK; the communication was seamless and delivery excellent.”

Why the venue worked

In2Events took advantage of the contrasting dark and light spaces available within the venue, allowing the tram to create a flow through the event that complemented the agenda.

“The transition from a dark underground space, up to a location flooded with light and the iconic London skyline in the background, symbolically represented the discovery of new ideas, new possibilities, new thinking and subtly, yet impressively, linked back to Criteo’s ‘unleash’ event theme,” said Close.

Overcoming challenges

Organising an event at the Science Museum wasn’t without its challenges though as during the day, thousands of visitors explore the museum.

“Challenges of executing an event in a working museum setting were overcome with our meticulous planning and coordination on site,” said Close.

“Effective management of the public ensured that attendees had a feeling of true exclusivity throughout the day and were completely immersed in the forum environment.”