Best of Events adds tech pavilion due to ‘European demand’

For the first time, an international tech pavilion has been set up in response to requests for a greater variety of event technologies at Best of Events International in Germany, which takes places on 16-17 January.

Powered by Event Tech Lab, a technology incubator, the tech pavilion will showcase both established and startup technology companies.

Smartphone supplier Giant iTab will exhibit at Event Tech Lab’s International Tech Pavilion at the Best of Events International, which attracts around 10,500 delegates, and is Germany’s largest trade show for event professionals.

“Where the events industry is destined to grow even faster and further is in bringing technology and the human experience together to create an overall experience,” Mark Jones, CEO and Founder of Giant iTab told M&IT.

Jones identifies Artificial Intelligence (AI) as becoming more entrenched in the events industry. “AI is doing the simple tasks for you. Enabling future communications to be focused around your preferences. It learns what you like and what you do.”

Gathering data on delegates is becoming increasingly streamline, with registering and recording data on the activities of attendees. “It’s becoming more interconnected,” Jones says. “This all goes into a system that this person is interested in these areas.”

The seminar programmes then goes into a system to record the interests of delegates. The programme for the next event will be tailored towards the majority demand of the visitors which has been captured through the event registration forms, Jones explains.

“This is the first time we’ve attended this show and we have a strong European demand for our Giant Smartphones in Germany, and across Europe, which we’re looking to build on,” Jones added.

“We’re also hugely supportive partners of Event Tech Lab and are always keen to showcase our products alongside the very best event technology from around the world.”

Event Tech Lab has partnered with Messe Dortmund to host the International Tech Pavilion in the MICE hall.

“The exhibition attracts an audience from across Europe, with exhibitors from around the world showing their products and services,” James Morgan, founder of Event Tech Lab said.

At Best of Events International, technology companies will be demonstrating event management and event marketing systems, attendee engagement technology, as well as tech that manages the logistics and production aspects of events.

In 2017, the total number of meetings, events and conference delegates increased by 2.8 per cent, according to German National Tourist Board figures. Demand for new technology within events was one of the most requested categories by delegates.