BCD Meetings and Events unveils expansion of BCD Sports

BCD Meetings and Events has unveiled the expansion of BCD Sports, set to be one of the main thrusts of its business in the next 12 months.

The division’s approach in Europe is about logistics and accommodation, looking after sports teams, support staff, sponsorship packages, press and more. The agency already operates these services in mainland Europe for some of the biggest sports teams, including PSV Eindhoven and Ajax.

Tim Haynes, senior director at BCD Sports, joined the firm six months ago to head up the sports division, having worked for Marriott for 15 years in sports team travel and also for major sporting venues.

He told M&IT: “With the power of the BCD M&E brand behind us we have the ability to deliver all of the logistics, travel and duty of care demanded by clients in this area. It’s a big area for us to grow. However, as a company we’ve been doing it for 30-40 years, so it’s just building on the success and developing the product further.

“We’re excited about it and there’s a passion for sports across the business and I am keen to develop this further. It’s one of the our main propositions for 2019 and beyond.”

John Kelly, director of marketing EMEA at BCD Meetings and Events, added that BCD Sports is part of a larger expansion drive at one of the UK’s largest agencies.

He told M&IT: “We are expanding significantly. We are looking for fresh acquisitions across Europe right now and we’re also obviously looking to grow the business significantly organically as well. Our MD has said we are looking to double the size of the business. We’re looking at complementary products and services that we may look to get into to expand the size of the business. One of those things is sports.

“We’ve been in the sports business between 30 and 40 years and are constantly innovating. We’re developing proprietary software which will help with tracking ticket management, it’s potentially game-changing stuff.

“We treat every delegate as a VIP. We have that expertise because we move people around safely in a controlled manner. These are all things we’ve done forever at a high level and it’s a case of bringing that to the sports market. It’s bringing it in under one department and showcasing what we can do.”

With regard to acquisitions, Kelly said that BCD was only looking to buy companies with the “right cultural fit.”

“I can say we are exploring all avenues right now,” he said. “We would like to expand in some of our European regions but we will only buy a company that has the right cultural fit for us. We won’t just buy a business for the sake of it.”