‘On the brink’ hospitality industry welcomes #SleepOverToHelpTurnover

Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA) has launched the #SleepOverToHelpTurnover scheme to encourage spending in the hospitality sector.

The initiative comes as the Government announced stricter measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The measures significantly impact the hospitality industry as venue opening times have been reduced and a limit of six people allowed to socially gathering has been enforced.

Jane Pendlebury, CEO of HOSPA, said that the new preventative measures will continue to squeeze an already struggling industry.

“Hospitality businesses simply have no room for any further loss of income and are in desperate need of help. Curtailments on revenue, no matter how seemingly small, have serious knock-on effects – from job losses to whole businesses having to close.”

The hospitality industry had seen some let up when the Government launched the #EatOutTopHelpIOut scheme. However, despite showing initial signs of recovery, the new restrictions “add to the strain and leave many at risk of tipping over the edge,” Pendlebury added.

In an attempt to keep the industry afloat, HOSPA‘s, #SleepOverToHelpTurnover initiative aims encourage the public to enjoy overnight stays and to carry on eating out by using “appreciative extras” to incentivise potential guests.

“An inclusive breakfast, complimentary bottles of wine, free Wi-Fi upgrades, car parking, half-price cocktails and more to reward those who engage with the #SleepOverToHelpTurnover scheme,” Pendlebury added.

“We are keen to shout about the measures that hospitality businesses have put in place to make themselves Cocid-secure. We want to make people aware that, by enjoying a hotel stay and eating in the restaurant, guests will be providing a huge boost to hotels and the UK economy.”

The initiative is set to launch on 1 October and has been backed by a number of hospitality industry suppliers such as Tregenna Castle Resort in St Ives Cornwall, Coombe Abbey Park Limited which operates Coombe Abbey Hotel and SaaS supplier Profitroom.

James Parker, operations director of Tregenna Castle, said of the initiative: “The #SleepOverToHelpTurnover initiative is a great idea, which should hopefully help to maintain and extend the much-needed support for the hospitality industry.”