Secret eventprof: Confidence is key to Covid-19 recovery

Our Secret Eventprof holds forth on how we can bounce back from the Covid-19 nightmare…

The pandemic has been absolutely horrendous for everyone. Our industry has been decimated and it is on its knees. You go on LinkedIn and see all the people who have lost their jobs, it’s just so sad. Who knows how long this will go on for?

Now we have to get that confidence back. I went to my first meeting since lockdown in London recently and it was different, everyone was wearing masks – but it was doable. We have to learn to live with the virus, seeing as we can’t live without it.

We adapt, and our customers must adapt with us. As creatives we are born and bred into making things happen and thinking outside of the box. We’ve seen some fundamental changes to our working lives, but ultimately we have to learn and live and navigate around that.

We’re still not seeing people wanting to attend meetings. We’ve got used to a three second commute – the thought of going on a train to attend a meeting is a long way from our thought process. People are anxious and maybe don’t want to miss out on finishing on time every night. Prior to this situation, it had gone too much the other way and work-life balance was completely off the scale. There has to be a further middle ground.

People are going to be scrutinising content like never before, working out if they can virtually dial in. But what you get from being in the room completely outweighs the convenience of being at home.

Everyone has the right to their opinion on whether they want to go to meetings and events – but we have to start thinking about taking those steps. If we’re not seen to be doing it others won’t be doing it either and we must lead by example.

I got my suitcase out for the first time recently and I had to get the Pledge out and dust it down. I asked myself – can I do this? I had to really force myself. But the thing we need to do is to kickstart the economy. Get people back into attending in person. It all starts from the economy and that starts from confidence.