Partners allowed

I take exception to #Secreteventprof’s contention that allowing fam guests to bring partners is somehow unprofessional.

We often host residential fams on a Sunday and we always suggest clients bring a guest to show our gratitude for their giving up personal time at the weekend. We have found that when you treat clients as intelligent adults and give them free time to relax and explore the hotel at their own pace with a significant other, the ROI is greater and the experience more authentic, particularly for a client looking for an incentive destination.

As for #Sep’s assertion that guests conduct themselves worse in pairs, we have found the opposite to be true: couples behave better and the fam evolves into a convivial evening with friends, as opposed to the worse excesses of a pxxx-up at the pub. And there’s a bonus: on several occasions we have confirmed business with the partner – nothing like a two-for-the-price-of-one.

And as for the charity aspect: £50 a person might seem like a drop in the champagne bucket to some, but considering the many advantages we all enjoy in this business, isn’t it better to give a little than not to give at all? And there’s a practical advantage as well: a small donation focuses attendees’ minds and magically reduces last-minute cancellations. It’s similar to the shopping bag effect: how many times have you walked back half way across the supermarket car park to grab your to own bags to save 10p if not the planet. The ‘Have your say’ article alluded to benefits in kind – I hope #Secreteventprof comes around to the benefit of inviting partners – whilst at the same time being a bit more kind.

Lisa Lernoux-Dock, Sales Director MICE, Iconic Luxury Hotels