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Tory conference app error reveals MPs’ personal details…

Media commentary on the app deficiency places responsibility on the Tory party in general, specifically on Conservative party chair Brandon Lewis and on the third...

Glh Hotels eliminates plastic straws from all properties…

"If Glh wishes to further demonstrate their commitment to being environmentally conscious, I'd recommend they look at reverse vending. This machine is already tried and..."

It’s not all about social

"It was quite refreshing to read in MIT Sept that seven out of 10 business travellers don't post about their trips on social media. The..."

VAT after Brexit?

"At the risk of causing industry stalwarts to put their head in a bucket and scream loudly I am surprised that no-one is talking about..."

Speak now or be forever bitter…

"Well done to Nick de Bois of the Events Industry Board in encouraging the events sector to speak up about Brexit (MIT July). It's no..."

Brexit increases are inevitable, but does ‘opportunity knock’?

"The increase in staff costs already being experienced by the hospitality industry is, I am afraid an inevitable consequence of Brexit (‘Why Brexit could push..."

In defence of smaller agencies

"I felt compelled to respond to the article "Hero to Zero" in your Supplier Sounds Off section in last month's magazine and I do so..."

‘Same old’ doesn’t win the day.

"I heartily agree with David Taylor (MIT March 2018) that hotels need to improve their game to compete as venues. Many are relying on the..."

Yet ANOTHER hotel comparison site . . . . . of sorts!

"I noticed an advertisement on the side of a bus for a new hotel search site operated by a certain budget airline we all love..."

Checking the facts

"I just wanted to comment on one of the commentaries in the “Keyhole” section on page 50 of the Jan M&IT magazine (MIT_907278_KEYHOLE) It suggests..."

When your client goes bust…

"The recent Carillion debacle reminded me that in our industry it isn't just agencies that go bust. it's often clients you have to be watchful..."

European travellers ‘mildy indifferent’!

"The findings that European business travellers are least concerned about safety when compared to our American and Asian Pacific counterparts is, I think both good..."

Future of the fam

"I read with interest your article in the November edition of M&IT called Future of the fam and in particular the comment made by Jan..."