Don’t Ditch the Dorchester Collection

I’m dismayed at the number of people who think boycotting this chain will achiever anything other than make life difficult for the staff who work there. Do they think the Sultan really cares? If you want to make your feelings known, stop buying petrol, as that’s a far bigger source of his income. (That sound you hear is me not holding my breath).
Meanwhile these same people will happily book hotels with Saudi Arabian or Chinese owners. Did I hear someone mention human rights? No, I thought not.
Instead of making life difficult for our industry colleagues, why not show a bit of solidarity. And please don’t follow the advice of some tired old hack in one of the other industry publications, who can’t be bothered to find anything worthy to write about so jumps on the back of the latest Hollywood superstar inspired fad. Go and feed the homeless, pick up litter, or help animals – do something worthwhile if you really want to make a difference. Just don’t be sheep, people.