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It’s no holiday for event organisers

The story in the September issue of M&IT about moving the May bank holiday 2020 to Friday 8 May shows just how out of touch...

Where are all the apprenticeships?

"It has long been understood that event management isn't all about how much you can remember from a text book, but a 'can do' attitude'..."

Don’t Ditch the Dorchester Collection

"I'm dismayed at the number of people who think boycotting this chain will achiever anything other than make life difficult for the staff who work..."

That’s why you’ll always find me in the kitchen at…….poor venues

"I judge a venue by the service they provide and a big negative is when I have to visit the kitchen during one of my..."

Trade Associations are only as good as their value

"An interesting read from Paul Harvey on Trade Associations, and how their time may be limited. Trade associations are only as good as the work..."

Tourist tax must find the right home

"It's good news that Edinburgh Council has decided to charge a £2 per night 'tourist tax'. It's unlikely to dissuade delegates or visitors from enjoying..."

Partners allowed

"I take exception to #Secreteventprof’s contention that allowing fam guests to bring partners is somehow unprofessional. We often host residential fams on a Sunday and..."

What does the future look like for conferences and events?

"We have seen a lot of change in the industry over 25 years and for a while people believed that the digital age would replace..."

Why hate men?

"Another day, another "wimmin" article. This time it's ‘Female and diverse panels will have an effect on the industry’. On the back of the now..."

Tory conference app error reveals MPs’ personal details…

"Media commentary on the app deficiency places responsibility on the Tory party in general, specifically on Conservative party chair Brandon Lewis and on the third..."

Glh Hotels eliminates plastic straws from all properties…

"If Glh wishes to further demonstrate their commitment to being environmentally conscious, I'd recommend they look at reverse vending. This machine is already tried and..."

It’s not all about social

"It was quite refreshing to read in MIT Sept that seven out of 10 business travellers don't post about their trips on social media. The..."

VAT after Brexit?

"At the risk of causing industry stalwarts to put their head in a bucket and scream loudly I am surprised that no-one is talking about..."