Case study: MozFest brings 3,000 radical innovators to RSA House

Mozilla Foundation’s MozFest brought together 3,000 educators, activists, technologists, researchers, artists and young people dedicated to creating an open and healthy internet over seven days at RSA House in London. We caught up with the event’s executive director Sarah Allen to get the lowdown…

With the aim of bringing together a global community of artists, educators and radical innovators to connect, collaborate and build trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), open platforms and support the movement to keep the internet open, free and healthy, MozFest was a week-long ticketed programme of events and activities organised by the international not for profit organisation, Mozilla Foundation.

MozFest at RSA House

MozFest at RSA House

Over seven days, participants engaged across a variety of topics through workshops, talks, art exhibitions and installations. These topics tackled the biggest issues that impact online lives today.

By bringing together this diverse global audience with a wide range of perspectives and experiences, MozFest focused on working collaboratively to make the internet a better place to live, love, debate work and play, designed for anyone interested in the healthy future of the internet. With hands on sessions, as well as talks and social events, the festival was accessible to all levels of knowledge, interests and ages.

The week included a Science Fair with creative and innovative demos showcasing projects, tools and organisations from across the internet health movement as part of the 10th Anniversary Science Fair, celebrating 10 years of activism, community and collaboration.

Hosting MozFest at the venue for the third consecutive year, RSA House was chosen for its ability to cater for a variety of different needs, with events unfolding across the entire venue. For example, a co-working space in the Benjamin Franklin Room included open access to Rawthmells Coffeehouse for sustenance and to host informal meetings, whilst quiet areas around the building were used to work.

The Collaboration Space, The Steps and The Dr Cross Room were used throughout the week, and Fellows of the RSA became active members in these collaborative conversations, producing a unique and symbiotic partnership. The link between the Fellows of the RSA, the MozFest collaborators, and delegates created an energy and a vibrancy felt by all involved.