Against all odds: the eventprofs launching a new agency

Yorkshire-based event professionals Katy Blackburn and Lucy Williams have launched a new events agency, BeSure Events.

While Covid-19 has cast detrimental disruption across the international events industry, Blackburn and Williams saw an opportunity to launch a new full-service event agency.

Despite its name, BeSure Events existed in the imagination of Blackburn long before Covid-19 changed our connotations with certain words.

“I registered BeSure Events around 12 months ago,” Blackburn explains to M&IT. She adds that BeSure Events is about ensuring customers know they’re making the right choice.

“It’s really important to us that we use trusted providers and we use people who have the same sorts of standards and values as we do.

“We have built an array of contacts over the years that we’ve been in the industry, but ultimately we want everybody to be sure that they’re working with the right team – which we believe that absolutely we are.”

Before launching BeSure Events and before Covid-19 shut down the international events industry, Williams was a senior account executive at First Event and Blackburn was working as a freelance event manager.

Blackburn’s experience as a freelancer led her to integrate a focus on using talented freelancers in the new agency.

“I’ve been a freelancer for last 18 months and I know the value of using freelancers, so I’d love nothing more than to give back, as well and be able to use some of the contacts that I’ve met over the last 18 months,” Blackburn says.

“There’s some amazing talent out there that choose to freelance and work for lots of agencies, so it’s great that we’re able to connect with them as well.”

While launching a new event agency in the middle of a global pandemic is no easy feat, they’re both positive about the future of the events industry and BeSure Events.

“There are a couple of little things bubbling away but we’re not rushing at the moment, just having lots of conversations,” says Williams. “I think we’ll be absolutely thriving in 12 months with a really good bank of freelance support working with us, and lots of variation.”

Blackburn adds that they feel a greater sense of uncertainty and a heightened risk then there would be in “normal circumstances” and that “communication is tougher than usual, people have been furloughed and information regarding events and travel is ever-changing which is, of course, challenging.”

Blackburn and Williams are also concentrating on learning new skills and training themselves on virtual options to ensure they are able to provide the right offering for their clients.

“We are always learning and never shy away from a challenge, so I suppose it has only strengthened us as a team and we hope that this shows to our future clients.”

Contact Katy and Lucy for more information via BeSure Events‘ website. 

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