Parents are getting a rough ride

I want to take a moment and shine a spotlight on working parents, as they get a rough ride. Maybe before I became a parent, I was a little judgemental too. But I understand now that my opinion was down to not previously knowing what that experience was like.  

 I now find myself in the same situation again, yet this time with two to contend with. I decided to take control of the situation and empower myself to say, “I will struggle with this”, but I knew I needed to do something to change. In my mind, I was personally seeing this as a weakness and it quite frankly isn’t. I was saying I won’t be able to work the way I did last time and focus on the kids. I communicated this, I had valid reasons, it was too hard last time. I struggled mentally. But I had solutions to how I would try to make it work for me.   

Some may say mental health is a fashion statement, a trend or a buzz word. A simple ‘get out clause’ for when you’re overwhelmed with your workload or are just being lazy. Unfortunately, even friends of mine have experienced this treatment. But in these extraordinary circumstances, why have we not considered that actually, this is all a little too much for us all to consume in our minds?  

 I guess what I’m saying is, don’t struggle in silence – communicate with someone. Speak to your manager or a colleague. Be open as to why you need further support or why you may not be so available. 

– Ryan Curits-Johnson , DRPG

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