Why post-Covid giveaways need to be more mindful

The pandemic has brought with it a newfound respect for postal people, be it Royal Mail, DPD, DHL or Hermes.

Watching that little truck on the mobile app get closer to your street has been the best part of many people’s day in the last year.

For a few unlucky souls, their doorbell might have stopped working and to their disappointment, they find a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card in their hallway (I’m speaking from experience). But for the majority, when their parcel arrives, a moment of euphoria washes over them. They can’t wait to see what’s inside, even though they know, because they bought it.

However, receiving a surprise parcel is in a whole new euphoric-feeling league. And I got to experience that when a care package landed at my door, courtesy of The WFH Edit, curated by Luci Beaufort-Dysart, director of event agency Hyphen.

‘A kid at Christmas’ was how I could be described when I opened the treasure trove of goodies which included healthy snacks, ground coffee, a night-time candle, a book, podcast recommendations and all-important chocolate!

For the regular M&IT readers among you, you’ll know I recently published a story on the importance of kindness, and this was certainly a moment of thoughtfulness that brightened my day.

And it got me thinking about the power of giving. As event professionals, we were accustomed to receiving goodies and giveaway at events. Although we moaned and groaned about the incessant canvas tote bags and logoed pens – partly because of their unoriginality but mostly because nobody needs 30 branded ‘bags for life’ that would inevitably be a ‘bag in the bin’ – we miss giving and receiving.

But perhaps now, with this period of reflection, we’ll give more mindfully in the future.

Handing out goodies is a failsafe marketing ploy, but only if the contents are relatable, useful, and valuable. Not high in monetary value, but providing value and meaning to the receiver.

If goodie bags and giveaways are back on the agenda for 2021, whether at a virtual or in-person event, a combination of quality and sustainable treats is the way to go – and always ensure they reflect your brand.

Curate your giveaways and goodies with the recipient in mind and ask yourself, “Do they really need another plastic pen or a would a seed bomb make them remember my brand when the flowers bloom in the spring?”

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