What’s in a name? How Vevox turned a negative into a positive

Everyone knows the importance of brand values. So what happens when your brand name starts to take on unexpected connotations, beyond your control? And can you turn the situation to your advantage?

Earlier this year, employee engagement app company Meetoo found that with the momentum and awareness of the #MeToo movement continuing to grow globally, the company’s name was beginning to cause a distraction. For this reason, it decided to rebrand as Vevox, a name based around its core ethos of ‘valuing every voice’.

However, the decision followed a process which highlighted the strength of the Hampshire-based company’s brand values. Confident in the strength of its bond with employees and customers, the company used its own live polling app to proactively reach out for feedback on the proposed name change.

Peter Eyre, Vevox MD, said: “Initially, customers were reluctant to tell us about their concerns with the Meetoo name. They liked us and our brand values and unprompted criticism on their part might have ‘felt personal’ – but when we reached out to them, they were happy to engage. As the name change process rolled out, they felt their views mattered. They had bought into our brand values and had a strong sense of brand involvement.”

The company also reached out to involve its employees in the proposed name change from the word go. As a result, staff bought into it and got fully behind the process, which in turn made them feel even closer to the brand.

“By working in an open way, engaging with employees and customers, consulting with them, and listening carefully to their feedback, we have all come together positively behind the new name,” added Eyre. “We feel our brand values have strengthened still further by going through this rebranding process. We have gained rather than lost from it.”

We saw a similar situation in the events industry in 2016 when the rise of ISIS in the Middle East resulted in the International Special Events Society (ISES) rebranding as the International Live Events Association (ILEA).

And Vevox is also keen to point out that its rebranding has translated into business momentum. The company recently recorded over one million weekly platform interactions and achieved a 76 per cent increase in account sign-ups. It has also just announced it has now reached a total of 500 customer reviews on Trustpilot.

So the message is clear – if your brand isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. And if you do it right, a rebrand can be a great business opportunity.