Inviting spaces at Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport

Up In The Air is one of George Clooney’s lesser-known films.

The plot follows the journey of a travelling salesman, who falls in love with a travelling saleswoman as they coincidently keep meeting in hotels and then begin a love affair.

As the title foreshadows, Up In The Air is not a straightforward love story. But it was the subplot of the film that captured my attention many years ago – the continuous travelling for work.

Anyone in the event industry will know the job involves a lot of travelling. While there’s an air of excitement to it, travelling continuously means compromising the comfort of your own bed, your relaxation space and many other details of life that nine-to-fivers take for granted.

Business travel sometimes involves staying in airport hotels. For many, they are an essential element of a trip. They eliminate the risk of getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport as they’re usually within walking distance. But airport hotels aren’t always the most inviting places. They often have small, dark leisure areas, stuffy restaurants and outdated decor.

So, that is why it’s refreshing to see hotels, such as Courtyard by Marriot Luton Airport taking a new approach to shared spaces in a hotel; spaces that invite you to relax, socialise and ignore your emails for a short while.

The Courtyard by Marriot Luton Airport has recently undergone a refurbishment and the results of the revamp are beautiful.

Courtyard by Marriott

One of the open meeting spaces at Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport.


Claire Johns director of sales at Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport said: “The interior design reflects Marriott’s re-imagined brand identity for Courtyard, with the aim of elevating the brand and aligning it with a changing business traveller whilst celebrating Luton’s historical links and local industrial heritage in the hat-making industry, reflected in the artwork, artefacts, lighting and meeting space names – Trilby, Bowler and Boater.”

The main reception area has minimalist furniture, with just three podium check-in desks, a bench and two vats of fresh, fruity water for guests to sip at their leisure. The reception spills into the bar which stands as an island in the main restaurant area.

Most striking is how open the communal space feels. There are no dividing walls, apart from the flexible ones, and no hidden spaces. A feature that caught my attention was the media pods fitted with a curved sofa, a small coffee table and a large flat-screen TV.

These can provide a casual space for intimate meetings and a cosy area for relaxing at the end of the working day. It’s true to say that relaxing can be done in your hotel room, but when you’re on the road, often travelling alone, it’s comforting to be in social areas filled with a friendly atmosphere.

It is the small details such as the media pods which capture a guest’s attention and bring the hotel to the forefront of a travellers mind when booking accommodation for future trips.

Claire explained that Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport aims to provide: “The best hotel experience for the new world of business so guests can pursue their personal and professional passions in a welcoming, inviting and engaging environment.”

After all, attention to detail and guest’s needs shouldn’t only be reserved for long, luxury stays. Every traveller deserves to feel at home, wherever they’re staying.