General election 2019: What does the future hold for the events industry?

Red, blue or yellow. Who will be in power at Number 10 Downing Street?

I’m a news journalist, I can’t help it; I love a general election. I’ve already made plans to take the next day off so I can stay up all night to watch the results come in.

I can spend hours lost down a rabbithole scouring liveblogs, hashtags, constituency profiles, past elections, tactics, turnout – I’ll read anything and everything.

However, I’m aware that not everybody has the same enthusiasm as I do. Some of you, no doubt, went the full Brenda from Bristol on hearing the news that there’s to be an election on Thursday 12 December, crying “Not another one!” and finding the nearest rock to hide under for the next six weeks.

Brenda from Bristol

Brenda from Bristol

Whatever your thoughts on the upcoming vote, whether you’re blue, red, yellow, turquoise, gold, green or none of the above thank you very much, we’re going to try to make our coverage as relevant as possible to the event industry.

And to do this, we need to know what the event industry wants from this general election. It’s being painted as a Brexit election, and whoever gets the keys to Downing Street on Friday 13 December will certainly get a big say in the nature of the future status of this country’s relationship with the EU.

But it’s called a general election for a reason – such votes are always about a broad range of topics rather than one specific issue. Health, education, crime, the economy… they all come into play as well.

So we want to know from you, what will be the main topic determining your vote in the general election? And how will being an event professional affect how you vote, if at all?

You can get in touch with us by emailing – and we would love to hear from you. Even if it’s just to tell us how much you don’t care. Go on, drop us a line.